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  1. norwegian freelance photographer, illustrator and retoucher currently based in copenhagen, dk
    graduate with a BA (hons) in fashion photography from london college of fashion, university of the arts london.
    mainly working within fashion, portraiture and architectural photography, retouch and illustration. having always been very fascinated with architecture in addition to his interest for fashion and people, he emphasises the use of location within his work. with a minimalistic, clean approach, he creates photographs and illustrations with a strong focus on shape, lines, contrasts and structure.

    for comissions, prints and other enquiries: 

    print publications:
    The Eye - The World's Most Influential Creative Directors
    Paper Collective
    Frama SHARE
    a new type of imprint (vol. 5 and vol. 10)
    (vol. 5)


    online publications:
    a new type of imprint
    BRYGG magazine
    boys by girls magazine
    F5 magazine
    sicky magazine

    sva magazine
    mon dieu

    clients include:
    paper collective
    frama cph
    epilogue by eva emanuelsen
    rue de tokyo
    totem collective
    aure studio

    a new type of imprint
    arendals tidende
    oslo fotokunstskole


    london college of fashion /BA hons fashion photography (2013 - 2016)
    oslo fotokunstskole /photographic arts (2011 - 2013)

    photography blog of the year /vixen blog awards (2013)

    a new type of imprint /launch exhibition for vol 10, frama studio store, copenhagen (2017)
    sva exhibition
    /aker brygge, oslo (2015)

    mennesker i mote og kunst /café lindvedske hus (solo exhibition, 2013 - 2014)
    vol. 1  |  vol. 2 /sound of mu  (2013)
    avgangsutstillingen 2013 /gallery ikm (2013)
    årsutstillingen 2012 /oslo photographic arts school (2012)

    work experience:
    boys by girls /internship (2015)

    cecilie harris /photographers assistant (2015)
    fem /photographers assistant for tv productions (2010)